Careers in IT: Meet the industry

28th May 2012

New Directions in Information Security and Software Engineering

These sessions provide crucial information on growth areas in IT related careers. The conflicting reports in the media about whether there are jobs in IT or not is due to the diverse nature of the IT field. There are areas that are booming while at the same time, other areas are being outsourced. The key to understanding the difference is knowing about some different areas of IT.

Come join us as we explore two growth areas of IT, where jobs are predicted to increase in the next decade here in Australia. The two areas are Information Security and Software Engineering. These professionals work in a range of industries ranging from Finance and Banking, Consulting, Games Development, Government, Businesses, Non-profit Organisations, Retail and Mining.

Opportunities for students to explore exciting careers and future trends in Software Engineering and Information Security.
• Talk to young professionals and graduate employers (including Deloitte)
• Have your questions answered
• A great networking opportunity

Parents and teachers welcome

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The University of Melbourne, Parkville, Melbourne - Elizabeth Murdoch Theatre (

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Monday, 28 May 2012


6:00pm - 8pm



A joint event presented by VITTA and Melbourne University

Price: Free