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2011 VCE IT Applications Exams Pack


DLTV (formerly VITTA) has developed a series of rigorous practice exams to support the new 2011-2014 VCE IT Study Design. Each Practice Exam Pack covers all aspects of the relevant course and allows schools to simulate the experience of the end-of-semester exams. The exams are relevant to the current IT study design.

All new Key Knowledge points are addressed in these packages.

The 2011 VCE IT Apps Units 3 & 4 Exam Pack contains two combined Units 3 & 4 exams and includes.

  • suggested solutions
  • detailed teacher notes including responses for each question and hints to answering the questions - invaluable for class discussion!


Also available:

2011 VCE IT  Units 1 & 2 Exam Pack $99.00 inc GST

2011 VCE Software Development Exam Pack $137.50 inc GST

2011 VCE IT Combined Exams  Bulk Pack $275.00 inc GST

Resources will be available when payment is received.


AUD $137.50 (incl GST)

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