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Managing Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Classroom [Years P-8]

Hi everyone,
VITTA is running a professional learning session in Term 3. 2013 on Managing Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Classroom [Years P-8]. More details on this PD will follow on the VITTA website.
It will cover the following topics:
• Curriculum Planning & ICT
• Lesson Delivery & Student Assessment
• Classroom Management & eLearning
• Learning Space Design
• Student Leadership & eLearning
• 21st century Skill Development
• CyberSafety & Digital CItizenship
• Change Management & Technologies
• Technology Integration, Devices and Connectivity
• iPads in the 21st Century
• Free and Open Source Resources
• School Systems Resources [DEECD / CEO / AISV]

As part of this PD, we will be building a webpage of online resources for these topics, which will be suitable for all primary and middle years' teachers

Each fortnight a new section will be added. If you have any feedback or particularly requests for resources, please drop Mark a line at

Mark Richardson

ICTeD Services /

1. Cybersafety and Digital Citizenship

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2. Learning Space Design

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3. iPads in the 21st Century Classroom

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4. Curriculum Planning Resources

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5. Free and Open Source Software [FOSS] for schools

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6. Student Leadership & eLearning

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